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Thread: Travis Browne suffered broken hand, and 'maybe' rib in main event with Fabricio Werdu

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    He won almost every exchange with Overeem as well but got no credit for it from the judges because of the guard-flopping.
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    I thought he get the same shit GG and Barnett got against the cage. I didn't expect Werdum to be so willing to strike, let alone dominate the stand up

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    I was shocked after the fight when I read that Werdum was the under dog. He tapped Fedor more than held his own against AO standing up and made Roy Nelson look like an easy fight. Browne on the other hand beat a possibly past his prime off the juice Barnett and KOed a gassed AO who like in the Bigfoot fight was dominating until he got tired and cocky.

    I'd like to see both guys fight Cain but Werdum is the fight I am most interested in. His striking is greatly improved and his BJJ is legit.

    Browne would be fun cuz if the elbows against the cage but Werdum to me was always ranked higher and is the better fighter. I would take Werdum in a rematch against JDS. Speaking of JDS when Browne heals up that would be a perfect opponent.

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