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Thread: Cowboy Cerrone Ready for Quick Turnaround Against Whoever Wants to Make Money

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    It did look like barboza had started to hurt cowboy, but that cowboy gameface was impressive.

    Just before he got dropped barboza looked slightly frustrated that his shots 'seemed' to not have any effect.

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    That Barboza fight was honestly the MOST impressed I've ever been with Cowboy.

    Mainly because he was losing that fight, but he found a way to win.
    That to me is the ESSENCE of mixed martial arts.

    He was hanging in there, but it looked like just a matter of time til he was going to get rocked on the feet.
    Instead of waiting for that to happen he lands a crisp jab, takes the back, and before Barboza even registers the switch from striking to grappling, Cowboy sinks in the choke.

    Absolutely impressive when a guy is "losing" in one area, and so he switches it to another.
    Respect Cowboy!

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