Someone saw that fight?

It was really horrible. In each round it was the same thing, Povetkin rushed to land something (unsuccesfully) and Klistchko immediately hugged him and it was like that the whole fight.

I understand that Wlad did that to mentally break Povetkin. It worked wonderful in the 7th round, where Povetkin was already gassed and Wlad was landing tons of shots, but for the rest of the fight it was really boring to watch.

Wlad obviously landed much more and won in a very easy way. I expected a much tougher fight for him.

BTW the ref was very bad, some of those knockdowns were not knockdowns at all. And it took him too much to finally deduct a point form Wlad for constantly hugging Povetkin.

Anyone else found kinda funny the knockdown in the second round? Wlad barely touched him and a couple of seconds later Povetkin went donw.