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Thread: Tim Boetsch Believes He Can Bully Luke Rockhold at UFC 172

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    Not to hijack but don't you think Tavares' grit makes him pretty tough for Bisping?

    Honestly, he stuck it out in a fight with Romero where he was outgunned from the beginning and even looked like he tagged and staggered him once or twice.
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    I think Bisping is almost at the downswing of his career, and there are a lot of hungry fighters in the UFC that would give him problems. Tavares would be one of them.
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    I apologize for the hijack. but

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    OK, so a borderline top 20 then, at best. That could be interesting, at least, but I think Bisping is too slick for him, and wins by UD...if zuffa even makes that fight.

    Where do you have the winner of Rockhold/Boetsch in your respective title races? I think a win would be big for Boetsch, but he'd still be 3 or even 4 wins away. I think Rockhold could be just one or two wins away. If Rockhold takes a dominant finish over Tim, I'd rematch Luke with Jacare for a potential title shot...I don't know that I've heard anything credible about an opponent for Vitor when he gets sorted out, but either one would be a strong post-TRT test for him. If Luke were to beat both of them, I can't imagine him not getting a shot.

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    I have it ranked


    A win for Rockford would put him above Kennedy, but still 2 wins away from a title shot. I think a rematch between him and Kennedy or Jakara would be awesome, with Kennedy fighting the one left out.

    Is there any word on when Belfort will be ready to come back?
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    Dana White doesn't guarantee Vitor Belfort's title shot after his come back

    I haven't talked to Vitor since everything happened. I don't know if his fight for the title will happen this year. I haven't heard anything from him. He has to solve a lot of things before. He has to solve his problems, not us. If he is still the number 1 contender? I don't know, we will see what happens.
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