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Thread: Trainer: Cain Velasquez not afraid to go to the ground against Fabricio Werdum

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    Default Trainer: Cain Velasquez not afraid to go to the ground against Fabricio Werdum

    Trainer: Cain Velasquez not afraid to go to the ground against Fabricio Werdum
    But, according to Javier Mendez -- Cain's head trainer -- he isn't afraid to let his star pupil let the fight play out on the floor against Werdum because Cain's jiu-jitsu is very underrated.

    He also admits that he didn't give Werdum much of a chance in a striking battle against Browne, during his appearance on The MMA Hour:

    "At the very beginning I thought it was going to be a short fight. And then, I don't know what happened but Fabricio weathered the storm. I thought he did an incredible job. He looked very impressive and it excited me. We have our work to do. We can't underestimate one bit. His improvement in his stand up is almost night and day from his last fight. I thought he could win, but I thought it would be on the ground. I didn't give him a chance in the stand up. Not at all."

    He continues:

    "I think it's a more exciting match up, it excites me. We can't underestimate any part of what he has. I didn't come into this fight expecting to stand up as much, I'll tell you that. It's an exciting thought for me to actually put a great gameplan against him because he is formidable. I think a lot of people underestimate Cain's jiu-jitsu. He is a legit black belt under Leandro Vieira of Checkmate BJJ. Me, I'm not afraid to see Cain go to the ground against anybody, especially in MMA. So, I'm not concerned with that. He's got a good ground game and he's good everywhere."

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    while im not expecting Cain to beat Werdum in a BJJ match but it certainly makes a more interesting matchup... Browne seems like just a standup fighter and Cain would take him down and beat him but the improved striking of Werdum makes it muuuuch more intriguing

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    I can see Cain overpowering Werdum on the ground.

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    Id be suprised to see this fight make it all the way to the ground. I think Cain is going to grind Werdum against the cage for as long as he wants to. Dirty boxing clinic to follow.

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    Heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum extended his winning streak to four on Saturday with a one-sided decision against Travis Browne at UFC on Fox 11. While few could have predicted that jiu-jitsu ace Werdum would outwork the hard-hitting Hawaiian on the feet, Werdum told on Monday that everything went according to his team’s plan.

    “I knew conditioning was going to be a big part of it,” said Werdum. “That’s why I put so much emphasis on it with ‘Cobrinha’ [Rubens Charles Maciel], my jiu-jitsu and conditioning coach. Master Rafael [Cordeiro], as usual, led the MMA training and strategy. I’ve been training with him for seven years.
    Maciel and Cordeiro were not the only ones to whom Werdum turned for input. Also among his game plan advisors were wrestling coach Kenny Johnson, brother Felipe Werdum, Renato “Babalu” Sobral, and even UFC roster-mates Lyoto Machida and Rafael dos Anjos.

    “We saw that [Browne] always finishes his fights quickly and struggles with stamina when it goes the distance,” Werdum commented. “We noticed he was very heavy, about 247 pounds, and that’s worse as the fight goes on because you have to carry more weight.”
    Werdum believes he could have knocked out Browne but favored a more conservative strategy in order to avoid the counterstriking of “Hapa.”

    “I fought a smart fight, very strategic. A lot of people said I could have knocked him out, but we know how dangerous Travis Browne is. His hands are heavy, his kicks are heavy, so why take so much risk? I was taking risks, but not many, because I wanted to win. It was important. Imagine if I went with the flow at the end, charged at him, and the guy lands a big one on me? That’s heavyweight: one hit and it’s all over.”
    With his win on Saturday, Werdum earned the right to challenge the only other UFC heavyweight riding a four-fight win streak, champion Cain Velasquez. The title bout is tentatively expected to take place in Mexico this November, but in Werdum’s mind, it’s already begun.

    “I’ve been thinking about that fight for a long time. Now, it’s only a matter of beginning training. I’ll take a week off, then I’ll train like crazy because I know it’s going to be a tough fight,” Werdum said. “Travis was tough also, although it may not have looked like it, but it was. This one is going to be even tougher because it’s for the belt, and it’s going to be in Mexico at about 3,000 meters’ altitude. There’s a lot to think about: the altitude, the training, whether I need to go there early or train at some mountain nearby. We’ll have to figure something out for November. It’s not confirmed, but I think it’s going to be in November.”
    Before they face off inside the cage, Werdum and Velasquez will likely coach opposing squads on a Latin American edition of “The Ultimate Fighter.” However, this season of the long-running reality show will come with a twist.

    “It’s going to be a unique experience. I’ve been [on ‘TUF’] twice: once as Wanderlei Silva’s jiu-jitsu coach, and once as a head coach against ‘Minotauro’ [Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira]. Now, it’s going to be a lot different, since it’s not going to take place in a single country, but in almost every country in Latin America,” Werdum explained. “A lot of people will see, it will be nationally broadcast, so I can extend my work as the UFC’s ambassador in Latin America, showing everything about the fighters in the house: the effort, diet, suffering, fear, anxiety, everything. We will be able to show how a fighter lives and how he prepares for a big fight, so it’s huge to hit that market.

    “I’m used to ‘TUF.’ It takes a lot of work -- 40 days, sometimes almost two months of shooting -- but I’m used to that as a commentator and I think that I’ll nail it. All I want to be able to do is my own training in the house. There will be some time between shooting and the fight, but I don’t want to stop training. I’ll have all my coaches with me -- Cobrinha, Rafael, my brother, Kenny Johnson -- so I guess it will turn out fine.”
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    I see this going very similar to Lesnar vs Mir 2. I dont think it would be wise for Cain to try out his improved BJJ on Werdum butI could easily see him tossing him around or simply smothering werdum the way Brock did to Frank. I could also see Werdum being to cocky in his new found love of the striking game and getting ktfo'd. Anyway I see it Cain wins this though
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    I was impressed with Werdum... his stand up is much improved.
    I think for me, the biggest difference in this fight will be the size.
    Werdum is huge and Cain is an undersized HW.
    That being said, I can almost hear people screaming, "JDS is huge! And Lesnar was HUGE!"
    Agreed... but!
    Lesnar has no stand up and JDS basically treated his fights with Cain like boxing matches.

    I honestly think that if Werdum can keep Cain guessing, and mix it up, it will be a much closer fight than it might appear at first glance.

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    I'm just happy that Cain will be facing someone who isn't Bigfoot or JDS. I expect Cain to beat Werdum, but I would have expected Fedor to beat him as well. I'll still take Velasquez though.

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    This big difference with Cain will be in the way Werdum likes to have time to pick his punches and set things up. Cain just won't give him the time. Cain just doesn't let guys regroup. My prediction is Werdum's stand-up will fall apart vs. Cain just like JDS. It will be a gnp fest with Werdum attempting everything he's got (and maybe succeeding), but getting beat up and more likely KO'd.

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    I love that shit. The guy's a stud on the ground? Fuck it, dive right into that guard and see what he's made of. I nearly lost my shit when Gil Melendez got right in there with Aoki. I understand it isn't the most intelligent way to go about fighting, but man is it exciting. Love that mindset.
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