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My mother has this distorted-reality thing where she remembers shit that didn't happen and has painted herself in a more glamorous light as a parent. Maybe Chuck has done similar.

Chuck earned his spot in mma lore and is a warrior. I'm just saying he should really consider what he's implying here.
I get what you are saying. And part of me agrees. However I look at it as Chuck and Wandy both spent 14 plus minutes trying to finish the fight. Chuck was in a fight gassing out and knew he was drained so he took the fight to the ground. This to me at least is different than winning the first 2 rounds and then avoiding engaging or taking the fight to ground at the start of rd 3 anddoing just enough so it won't get stood up but never really going in for the kill.

Also I should state that I am a huge Chuck nut hugger and in my mind I could just be rationalizing the whole thing. At least I am honest about it unlike some Bones fans.