Just a general question... on a topic that has been driving me CRAZY :

Why isn't Cyborg in the UFC?

Anytime there is a dominant fighter outside of the UFC ranks, DW and Co. literally fall all over themselves trying to sign them.
But with Cyborg... they don't want to touch her.

Yes... the press conference with Tito was stupid... and Yes... saying you might die if you drop to '35 was stupid... and Yes... taking steroids a few years ago was stupid...


Tito is no longer involved in her career.
She has expressed her willingness to fight at '35.
And Cyborg is NOT the first nor only fighter to test positive for a PED.

My point?

Dana White is SO obviously terrified of Cyborg dethroning Rousey (and understandably so... Rousey is FAR more marketable than Cyborg to casual fans, sponsors, MEN in general, etc,.) that he will use any excuse to avoid facing reality... and that reality is that Cyborg deserves to be in the UFC and she is by FAR the best challenge for Ronda.

This seems to be SO transparent and obvious as to be almost hilarious.

So WHY is DW selling the shit he's selling? I mean, is ANYONE buying it?!?!

And what do you think about a fighter being SO blatantly and obviously "protected" like that?

(I am not saying Rousey would lose... but I am saying it's a possibility that scares the shit out of DW and is the REAL reason Cyborg is not in the UFC!)

Anyone agree? Disagree? I'd love to hear thoughts on this!