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Cyborg wouldn't sign with the UFC because she would "die" losing the weight so she left for Invicta, she has yet to fight a 135lbs(MMA) so not sure what you're getting at........
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I must be buying the shit he's selling, because it makes sense to me.

So someone who said they couldn't make the weight, or according to their doctor, could die or do permanent damage to their body. Someone who's never made that weight before. And someone who's yet to prove they could make that weight, even in a practice run.

Let's say they UFC signs her, for a fight with Rousey. Let's say she doesn't make weight. That's a ton of money down the drain. And now they have someone under contract that has no weight class to fight in. Immediate release. Huge waste of time and money (maybe millions).

Seems like pretty legit reasons not to sign her to a contract. She should do what Dana has already said she should do. See if she can make the weight, and then take a few fights (and win) at that weight. If she does that, and they still don't sign her, then fine, let the conspiracy theories fly. Until then, I think they are being pretty reasonable, certainly from a business standpoint.
At one point didn't Dana say he would help her make weight by hiring the best nutritionist, I can't remember his name.