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Thread: Andrei Arlovski returns to UFC

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    Also have to look at who people lost to.

    Quote Originally Posted by MetallicKnight3X View Post
    I have no idea man. I'd at least put Struve at the #10 slot. Have no idea why they have Gonzaga ranked before him as #11, he's lost 2 of his last 3. Struve is coming off his first lost after his 4 fight win streak, probably his time away.

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    Arlovski vs. Schaub official for UFC 174

    Damon Martin via Fox Sports

    "My manager called me and I was actually on the beach doing a recovery workout and he goes 'I got some news for you'. He goes 'it's a big one' and I knew the Mark Hunt stuff, Mark was dragging his feet and they wanted to wait till August or September so I was like who do we got? He goes 'Andrei Arlovski' and you got him June 14," Schaub told FOX Sports on Friday. "I couldn't be more excited. Andrei and I have trained together before, he trains at a world-class level. For me it's a legend, it's a world-class fighter. We'll definitely be the talk of UFC 174."

    As disappointed as Schaub was that he didn't land the fight with Hunt, hearing that he was getting Arlovski instead was like waking up on Christmas morning to find the house filled to the brim with presents. Schaub looks at Arlovski as one of the true icons of the Octagon, and in name value alone this is a much bigger fight than the bout he was gunning for with Hunt.

    "So I shot for the stars and I landed on the moon with Andrei Arlovski. He's a bigger name than Mark Hunt. He's a legend. It's like them calling up and saying you're pitching against Bo Jackson, he's one of the greats," Schaub said.

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    I wouldnt go so far as to say Arlovski is a bigger name then Hunt, but I kind of get where Schuab is coming from. Im more excited for this fight then the potential Hunt fight.

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    Great news! if AA can kick it into high gear he can finish his career well. if mark hunt can go on a tear, why not AA? He has the skills, at one point his boxing was the best in MMA, probably would have beaten Fedor if not for that I'll fated Flying Knee attempt. If he goes in focused and hungry, then he's not an easy night for anyone in the division. The HW division isn't that deep so a title run is possible for anyone who wins 3 or 4 fights. I'd like to see him go up against Mark Hunt then Junior if he can string together some impressive wins.4
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    Really don't wanna see AA fight anymore but im happy he made it back to the ufc. But the guy has me a nervous wreck these days when he fights lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VimyRidge View Post
    I like Arlovski, but he recently got his jaw broken by a guy who fought at ww. I see him having trouble competing. Has a chance to KO anyone, as long as he doesn't get caught first.
    A man who could never make weight at welterweight and middleweight was knocking out opponents at light heavyweight.. No shame in getting your jaw broke by Anthony Johnson and still fighting on.

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    Dana White: ‘I like Andrei Arlovski, so we brought him back’

    BALTIMORE – Though the UFC has hosted three fight cards in 10 days, they’ve been busy fortifying the heavyweight ranks as well. The promotion recently announced that former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski was back in the UFC after six years away.

    UFC president Dana White tweeted on Thursday "welcome back Andrei Arlovski," just hours after his previous promotion WSOF released him.

    At the UFC 172 post-fight scrum, White was asked what prompted the UFC to bring the 35-year old back in after so long.

    "I like him," White said. "He’s on a win streak and the window is closing for Andrei Arlovski. They really wanted a fight, and he’s always been an honorable guy and so has his manager, and I said yes."
    Arlovski is slated to make his return against Brendan Schaub at UFC 174 on June 14 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He last appeared in the Octagon back on March 1, 2008, when he fought Jake O’Brien at UFC 82 in Columbus on the prelims, a fight he won via TKO. Since that time Arlovski has gone 8-5-1 in WSOF, Affliction and Strikeforce, though over the last eight fights he’s gone 6-1-1.

    White said that Arlovski’s camp initiated the conversation to come back to the UFC. Asked if he had been on the UFC’s radar – or if he’d seen any of Arlovski’s recent fights – White simply said, "nope."

    "I like Andrei, we brought him back," he said. "He’ll fight Brendan Schaub and we’ll see what happens."
    Arlovski’s lone loss in he last few years was in a heavyweight fight with Anthony Johnson, who himself made a successful return to the UFC against Phil Davis on Saturday night. When that parallel was presented to White, he said part of the reluctance to bring Arlovski back was the way that looked at the time.

    "Anthony Johnson is the one thing I didn’t like about bringing Arlovski back, so that makes me feel better tonight that [Johnson looked good]," he said. "Andrei’s a heavyweight, and he lost to a guy who fought in our show at 170, you know what I mean? So, that’s what really bothered me about bringing Andrei back."
    Arlovski was the UFC's heavyweight champion in 2005-06. He defended his title twice before losing the belt to Tim Sylvia at UFC 59.
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    I hope this doesn't end up looking like Mirko Cro Cop's second UFC stint.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    I don't even care about him being past his prime, I love me some Arlovski fights. I'll be watching.
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