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Thread: Big Nog suffers torn ACL, wants another UFC fight after return from surgery

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    Default Big Nog suffers torn ACL, wants another UFC fight after return from surgery

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira suffers torn ACL, wants another UFC fight after return from surgery

    "Minotauro" suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee (sound familiar?) prior to stepping into the cage against Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night 39 in Abu Dhabi, which ended with the Brazilian staring up at the sky, thanks to a bomb from "Big Country."

    Nogueira elaborates to MMA Fighting:

    "I just got my exams, and I unfortunately tore my ACL. Three days before the fight, I was training wrestling and I twisted my right knee working on a single leg. I stopped training, and I felt it during the fight. I did the exams as soon as I returned to Brazil, and I found out this morning that I hurt the ACL and LCL. I'm going to need surgery. I had the same surgery on the left knee three years ago, and now it's on the right knee."

    The procedure will likely keep him sidelined until 2015.

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    Oh just.....just stop it at this point.
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    I'd like to see him go out on a win... but I suspect he'll go out on a stretcher.

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    I tend to agree here. Its about time for Big Nog to look at a move to coaching full time I think. Id love to see them start using guys like Nog as full time TUF coaches, rather then tying up active fighters and champions for months at a time for tv filming. Im past the point where I need to see TUF coaches fight each other at the end of a season.

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    Please retire. He's so fragile at this point.

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    retirement fight vs Mir would be good but i dont see anything else for him

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    Fight vs Arlovski

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    No he shouldn't fight at all, against anyone.

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    Does he owe money or something? Seriously I think it is time now.

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    I find the thought of a third fight with Mir laughable. Frank is no longer a world beater but; he was the first guy to stop nog with strikes and the first guy to sub nog. If they fight again he'll be the first guy to kill him. Please retire nog. Please.
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