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Thread: UFC 172 Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    He was warned, he was warned twice actually. The second time Dan threatened to take a point. This was in the 2nd round I believe. And Jon kept doing it and Dan didn't say a word.
    He only warned him when he actually poked him in the eye not when he was leading with his fingers opened. That's what it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    Are you fucking kidding me? You didn't think Shogun should've gotten a rematch against Machida?
    Actually no I do not think he should have gotten an automatic rematch. The only time I think someone could make a case for it is Sonnen and I never said he deserved one, I just said he had the best case to make.

    If the challenger loses then I do not think he should ever get an automatic rematch unless you can prove that the ending was fucked up. Other wise it sets a standard like the one we have now where oh will if the challenger does really good and pushes the champion then he gets an automatic rematch.

    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but no matter how you felt about the Shogun Machida fight your opinion didn't mean dick in getting a rematch. All that mattered was Dana's opinion. And in his opinion all he saw was $$. So by Shogun getting an immediate rematch as a challenger fans were doing nothing but catering to Dana and setting a standard that many complain about today. I am sorry, but why even have judges (no matter how uneducated) if someone doesn't agree with there dec and can just re book the match? It just sets a bad standard all around and it is not the same as a champ getting an immediate rematch (something I am not sold on either). The only time it was really cut and dry for a champ getting an automatic rematch was Couture against Belfort.

    No body ever proved that the judges got it wrong in Shogun vs Machida. They just proved that in there opinion based on there scoring the fight that the judges were wrong. Hell people score close fights differently all the time. Neither fighter came close to finishing the first fight. Neither guy was beating the shit out of the other for 5 rounds. It was a close fight. Close should never equal immediate rematch.

    So no, I do not think any of the challengers should have got an immediate rematch. It sets a standard that opens pandora's box. How many threads did we have about BJ getting a rematch, or Sonnen, with people bitching that this was getting old with all the rematches. Well in my opinion if its good enough for Shogun its good enough for all close fights. I just dont think its right for ANY of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jelyman View Post
    I dont see jones as a dirty fighter really. I think/guess that these complaints seem more to stem from distain for jones than reality. Jones is trrying to distract annd annoy the opponent by putting his hand inthe faceimo not be dirty with pokes. After the warning I thought it oooked like jones made more of an effort to put his hand on thr top of the head instead of onthe face. To me it feels a lot more dirty when a guy is pawing with an open hand continually. This happens all the time. I cant remember the last time I saw a point taken away for eye pokes.

    I agree that more shoukd be done to avoid eye pokes. The pawing is a greater issue than what jones was doing imo. I also think more shouod be done when a fighter grabs the fence. I get why people dont like jones, but dont get how he gets so much more complaints than ive seen other fighters abiut being dirty.
    He gets more attention because he is one of the "Faces" of the UFC.

    I get that nothing he did was technically illegal, however a lot of what he was doing should be. The palming of the head was leading to the eye pokes and in my opinion should not have been allowed to continue. Now that is just as much Dans fault as Jones, Dan warned him twice and personally I didn't see Jones do much to change what he was doing. The Oblique kicks are another thing that, while legal, is absolutely a dirty technique. Jones pushes the rules as far as he can and has done so for most of his career. Is it legal? Yes. Is it morally respectable? Not really. Dan should have taken a point for the poking/palming but could you imagine the outrage it would have caused if somehow it cost Jones the fight?

    All in all I was impressed by both fighters last night, Glover has a lot more heart than I gave him credit for and Jones took some good shots from one of the hardest hitting guys in the division. I absolutely hated the way Jones ran around in the final seconds, I get why he did it but it stunk of douchery to me
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    Did anybody else thing Jones was gassed after thr 3rd round? He looked very low on energy
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPeezy View Post
    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    I know some people are middle of the road on Jones, but most either love him or hate him. I happen to like him a lot, but I love the sport even more. And all of us should be happy Jones won last night because this next fight, Goose vs Jones 2, is going to be epic. This is the type of fight that makes the sport and I for one cant wait for it.
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    Few thoughts:
    - Really enjoyed the card, with some fantastic knockouts and great display of BJJ and submissions
    - I expected Rockhold to dominate Boetsch, but didn't expect it to end that fast
    - Johnson looked awesome in dominating Davis. Excited to see what's next for him.
    - Jones looked great against Glover and Glover didn't seem to have too much for him.
    - I still don't like the oblique kicks and the eye-poking is now getting ridiculous. I'm surprised no one has docked a point off of him. I bet you if Big John would've been in there, he would've taken a point off.
    - Although Jones wrenched Glover's arm really good, I didn't see a problem with it as it's pretty much a standing Mir lock (the one Mir did against Pete Williams).
    - I want to train just guillotines with Benavidez and Faber.

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    Pawing to the head is what every wrestler has done since we were little kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    I didn't say you added anything wrong. Your math skills are impeccable. Just the scoring system is wonky.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sick_Lunatic View Post
    Aye, kewl. Well it's not my math, it's the computer. And if that was wrong the whole world would be lol.

    I'll look into ways to reconfigure the scoring system for next year or whatnot. But it's hard to do and get everyone on board with it.

    I still like the idea of a playoffs format near the end of the year, so everyone has a shot. Hell it happens in all other sports where a team barely making it in can win it all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fedorlei Gomipierre View Post
    When it comes down to it, it's a shell game with the decision vs. finish picks. My % of correct predictions is almost nearly always 10/12-ish, but there are some nights that you just flop because they ended in a different way. I'd be for a straight correct picks percentage next year, that shit would make things reeeeeally close for all you guys in second place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sick_Lunatic View Post
    Hmmm interesting. So basically just pick the winner, and fuck the round/method crap?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    I like that actually. It would keep it much more competitive.
    I wonder how competitive it would be though with all the scores so close together though? The majority of us are selecting at least 50-75% of the same fight winners, it is selecting the correct round or finish which is allowing some to take a real lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Transworld View Post
    Pawing to the head is what every wrestler has done since we were little kids.
    mmm pawing to more the top of the head/forehead and not the face from my experience... and if the hand is to the face its more parallel to the face and not perpendicular (you can just take many photos where his fingers are parallel) its like the balls of the hand (the end of the fingers not the palm cuz the palm would over-extend you and make it easy to shoot on)

    so im not quite sure what youre saying.. if you paw at my face with fingers parallel I would just get wrist control (a flexed hand makes that harder)

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