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Thread: Tim Sylvia (finally)Retires

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    Default Tim Sylvia (finally)Retires

    It took Medical Tests to finally take Ol' Timmay out of the game.
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    if you seen pics from this weekend its obvious Silvia stopped caring a long time ago

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    Ol' Timmay got shit on more than he deserved. I'd like to see anyone with the lack of athleticism like him accomplish what he did. Even though he still got a big boost from the 'roids...

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    He IS a former HW champ... I think he should get a little more respect...
    But still, man, he just gave up on himself... lost all control...

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    It is very great that even with that lack of athleticism he was able to become a HW champion.

    However he is very arrogant and he is obviously very lazy. He was in a 4 fight lose streak and then he got all mad because UFC did not resigned him.

    I hope he can put his life in order, because if he continues gaining weigh like that, unfortunately he will not live many years.
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    You can find numerous examples in professional sports of individuals lacking in athleticism while at the same time lacking in skill, technique and intelligence becoming successful at the highest levels due to an overwhelming height/weight/reach advantage...

    Tim was a Super Heavyweight fighting Heavyweights And Light Heavyweights, had upto 100lbs and 11inch reach advantages in his fights, got busted for performance enhancing drugs during the peak of his success and lost all his fights against elite level competition.
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