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I do NOT want to start a fight on here! That's my first order of business.
So no fighting folks... just honest opinions.

Prior to the Texeira fight I had NEVER considered Bones a dirty fighter.
The thought didn't even enter my mind.

But immediately following the fight I started hearing about the "eye pokes".
Then, I started seeing the gifs you guys were posting...
The one with Rampage.
The one with Glover.
The one with... well... there were a LOT of them!

But it SEEMS like extending his hand, fingers out, DIRECTLY into his opponents face, is a tactic that Jones likes to use.
The vid clip with Rampage is perhaps the MOST outrageous that I've seen. Jones actually FOLLOWS his face while he bobs and weaves!

My point?
More of a question really.

People have stated that the outstretched arms are for "gauging distance".
But after seeing all the vids/pics you guys have posted... it SEEMS to me that he isn't trying to gauge the distance... but that he is literally trying to put his fingers in people's faces.
NOT poke them in the eye (I won't go that far as to suggest that's his goal)
But it sure seems like he is deliberately trying to obscure his opponent's vision.

Am I way off?

Again... no FIGHTING folks! Don't want to be an instigator.
Just seriously shocked by what I have seen on here... and what I have apparently been oblivious to??!

Do other fighter's do this, and I just don't notice?!!?
Or is this something Jones has come up with?