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And I am and have been one of Jones biggest supporters on this board and even I'm saying it has gone pass the point of being ridiculous. I have no issue with certain open hand techniques. And I dont think Jones is aiming for the eyes. However what he is doing is throwing open hand jabs and reaching for a guys face with his fingers. Both are pretty dirty tactics. Is an inside leg kick dirty? No but if you cup check a guy once or twice and fail to do it properly then yes it becomes dirty.

Jones fails to keep his fingers out of his opponents eyes. He continues to do what ever that is so yes it becomes dirty. Especially putting his fingers on a guys face near his eyes.

If The Return Of.... Can see faults in Jones actions, we must not be haters. As he stated, TRO... has been one of the biggest Jones supporters on the board, I think I got the majority of my negs through arguing about Jones with him. I respect a poster who can see the flaws in their favorite fighters....

BonesKnowsPokes - You still haven't responded with whether or not you think Cheick Kongo is a dirty fighter or not. I am truly curious as to your opinion.