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Thread: 10 Reasons Why Jon Jones is Hated

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    Quote Originally Posted by CtGreat View Post
    The Hendo vs Bisping KO is the most often posted KO on this forrum, hands down.
    Honestly, I've never paid enough attention to it to see if it is the whole sequence, or just the intial, clean KO.

    And I can tell you right now, if Goose pokes jon in the eye and then KO's him as he's blinded, that's going to blow up--not because people appreciate Goose's foul, but because they'd see it as a comeuppance for bones. And that doesn't always mean they hate bones, it can simply means they don't like what he's doing with the repeated dirty tactics.

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    UFC champ Jon Jones at it again with Phil Davis, Chuck Liddell

    It appears Jon Jones just can’t let sleeping dogs lie.

    The UFC light heavyweight champ jabbed again at rival Phil Davis and took a shot at Chuck Liddell on his once-hacked Instagram account, posting an unflattering picture and video.

    With Davis, Jones embedded a clip of the light-heavyweight’s losing effort against Anthony Johnson at this past Saturday’s UFC 172, concluding it with a deadpan video selfie.

    With Liddell, the champ posted a picture of the UFC Hall of Famer from his UFC 172 headliner opposite Glover Teixeira, which ended via unanimous decision for a record-breaking seventh title defense. The now-retired Liddell, who trained with Teixeira for several years, looks off into the distance with a dour expression.

    “Talking all that trash before the fight,” Jones captioned. “you mad bro?”
    The latest salvo came just two days after Jones taunted Davis at the post-UFC 172 press conference.

    “I told him to focus,” Jones said, referring to a run-in at the event’s weigh-ins where Davis tried to butt into his staredown with Teixeira. “I said, ‘Keep talking trash, Phil.’”
    Prior to UFC 172, which took place at Baltimore Arena to a reportedly sold-out crowd, Liddell opined that he would have knocked out Jones in his prime. But he also clarified he felt that way because he is a fighter and believed he could beat anybody.

    Jones (20-1 MMA, 14-1 UFC) nonetheless issued a response to the UFC Hall of Famer, inviting him to come out of retirement for a superfight.

    Jones’ dominant victory over Teixiera, however, was another indicator that he is without equal in the light heavyweight division, though his next fight presents an opportunity to silence more doubters.

    The 27-year-old champ’s next title defense, set for later this year, is a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson, who gave him his stiffest test despite his unanimous decision victory at this past December’s UFC 165.

    Davis (12-2 MMA, 8-2 UFC), who talked heaps of trash in hopes of gaining a title shot, is temporarily in the rearview mirror. Liddell, meanwhile, is completely out of the picture. But Jones hasn’t forgotten.
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    1 -3- 4 that's why I hate on him.
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    Look I like Jones but I do not like the open palming to the face of multiple opponents nor do I like the front kick / stomp to the knee as I view both moves as rather dangerous and dirty.
    I did not like when Anderson (whom is my favorite fighter...maybe behind Rashad) front kicked the knee either as I view it as career threatening and dangerous, dirty.
    So yes, there are valid reasons for viewing Jones as a dirty fighter and this comes from a fan of Jones. I personally enjoy seeing him beat everyone in the division sans Rashad Evans, but that doesn't cloud my vision that he is kinda dirty.

    With that, he is still one of the most dominant and gifted fighters to ever step in the cage and is making moves to become the best LHW in history. If he can actually put on a great performance and either stop Gus or at least make a decision clear cut he has clear skies ahead of him. I believe he defeats Cormier, and I honestly do not see Hendo doing anything to him if Hendo can make his way to a title shot again.

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    Classy as fuck.
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post

    I thought the rest of your post made sense, but the arm crank wasn't dirty. Glover set himself up for that with weak positioning. MMA isn't wrestling, it's submission grappling, and that was no different from an armbar, or a kneebar or a [legal] choke.

    The arm crank wasn't dirty but his intentions appeared dirty to me. After hearing his response to a question at the press conference where he said he was aware of the illegality of the move in wrestling and then went on to say things about hearing two pops in his arm and thinking "aw nice." that made me feel he intended not to submit glover with the move but only to injure him. Now I stress this is only my opinion based off jones' comments. I may be grasping at straws a bit but with him doing things like putting his forearm and elbows into peoples throats I'm less inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonesKnows View Post
    Or when rampage rape chocked wandy for 3 extra shots when he was KTFO already. That was okay because they had beef. Or Anderson grabbing multiple shorts against chael, and up kicking okami. Its funny, people dont talk about Jones winning against Glover - they talk about how dirty he is. Anderson beats chael a second time and its "fuck chael, he just got smashed blah blah blah" when the knee came seconds after an anderson silva short grab - which was his only offense of the entire fight - but nothing is ever said about him being dirty in that fight.

    I'll just chalk that up to yet ANOTHER double standard around here.

    This is another flaw in your logic. You cannot lump those who complain Jones is dirty in as 'one and the same' as the 'people' you talk about in your post above.

    There are many different people who hold different opinions, you cannot cherry pick certain opinions which have been expressed over the years and lump them together to support you point.

    The same people who didn't complain about Rampage or Anderson are not necessarily the same people who are pointing out Jones' less than honorable tactics.

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    Anderson greased at least twice, threw an illegal up kick on Okami, and an illegal knee on Chael.

    Rampage went too far after the Wandy KO and dealt unnecessary punishment after the fight was obviously over.

    Jones has shown time and time again that he either does not know the rules or simply does not care. Whether it be eye pokes, headbutts, illegal chokes, etc, he shows little to no respect to the rules or his opponents.

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