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Thread: Karo Parisyan: Edmond Tarverdyan is eating Ronda Rousey's brain

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    Default Karo Parisyan: Edmond Tarverdyan is eating Ronda Rousey's brain

    Karo Parisyan: Edmond Tarverdyan is eating Ronda Rousey's brain

    Rousey's switch from Hayastan to GFC did not sit very well with Parisyan, as he explains in uniquely colorful language.

    “Why is Ronda frickin good?" asked Parisyan. "Why is Ronda an animal, this little white girl? Because guys would not come train with us. They didn’t want to come train with us, because they thought we were animals and we would hurt them. Ronda was this little white girl that would get on the mat and cry.

    “I would have to yell at her and say, ‘You better suck your lip back in right now and get on the f–-ing mat. We’re not dealing with your crap, Ronda.’ And she would suck it in. I would say a small joke and maybe smile, and boom, she was on the mat again, and she was f–-ing dudes up. That’s why she’s so good, because she was training with animals like us. And she’s naturally strong. Ronda’s legit.”

    “No animosity toward [Tarverdyan and Gamburyan]. Good for Manny, good for Ronda, because Manny’s always there with her at the trainings and stuff, and Ronda might be on her period and she might take her underwear off and stuff, so Manny helps her out with that stuff, too, like with the tampons and everything else.”

    “I’m being a dick to them," Parisyan jokingly added, as a way of describing his nearly unfathomable humor.

    “You can’t even compare that gym to our gym, bro. We’re an established MMA gym and a judo gym for over 20 years. [Glendale Fighting Club] is a college gym that became an MMA gym somehow because Roman Mitichyan, one of our guys, one of my best training partners and friends, was taking judo over there, which is part of mixed martial arts, and they bring Edmond, (who) eats up Ronda’s brain and he does what he has to do and brings Ronda in. I don’t want to say eats up her brain, but kind of gets her (thinking), ‘You’ve got to this standup.’ Ronda likes Armenians; she’s been around us all her life. She joined the [GFC], and it’s helping her out, I guess. I don’t know."

    “Our guys felt a little hurt from her that she’s been a little disrespectful; she thinks she’s big. This is what they say and they think, not me – I could care less. It’s all good between me and her, but the guys, most of the guys, even Gokor, they’re like, all of a sudden she doesn’t train with us. She’ll come by once a year and she has to get dragged there from her mom, like, ‘Oh, just come back and say hi to the guys.’ Now she’s with Glendale. I don’t know what the f–- she does there. She does standup. She does mitt work a little bit, and she might be sparring standup.

    “That’s what happened to Manny. Manny went there, these guys said, ‘You don’t need grappling, you don’t need judo, you’re already a master at that, so come train with us more than you train with Hayastan.’ And Manny’s like, OK. Manny went there and trained, and he forgot that he’s a grappler and a judo guy. And he forgot, where a kickboxer like Dennis Siver … can take his back and ground and pound him, taking a grappler’s back. That’s not supposed to happen. Manny fell down a lot, man. Now, he’s back with us and he trains more with us than with them and he sees, ‘What am I doing?’ You can’t forget what your strength is.”
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