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Thread: When should Glover Teixeira get a 2nd title shot?

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    I kind of thought he had more of a shot before I watched the fight. As for when he gets another title shot, same as anyone else that loses a title fight that wasn't even close. He needs to work his way back up. The clocks tickin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    I'll never understand this line of reasoning.

    I just can't get how people who watch any combat sports--never mind MMA--think even a dominant win would decide the outcome of future matchups.

    I never said that with 4 or 5 dominant wins he could have a chance if he fights Jones again.
    I think it was evident that Jones is in another league and that he would beat Teixeira 10 times out of 10.

    I said that if he wins 4 or 5 fights in a dominant way, then maybe he could get another shot at the title, and he may get that title only if the champion is not Jon Jones.
    Imagine that after a series of events Rumble Johnson becomes champ. Well I think that Glover may actually beat Rumble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VimyRidge View Post
    I know Glover Teixeira just lost, but he survived 5 rounds with an injured shoulder that occurred part way through round 1 and a few eye pokes. Before the fight, I questioned whether people who picked Teixeira on the pickem's post honestly believed that Teixeira could win, however, after UFC 172, I actually think Teixeira has a chance.

    I am obviously not saying an immediate rematch, but if he wins another couple against top 10 guys, I would give him another shot.
    I honestly do not see the logic here. I'm not trying to call you out on it but I would like to use it as an example of why I am against immediate and one not contender rematches. Again I love rematches. They can give us classics and lead to trilogies. However I think the UFC has over saturated us with rematches to the point of well he did good against the champ to now well he had a reason he lost.

    The eye pokes should have cost Jones a point. They didn't and it still wouldn't change the Dec. Glover's arm was hurt by a legal move. The palming....well I thought it was against the rules but if its not called when its obvious then that is the rules they are fighting by. Glover didn't even win a round. In a rematch he might win the whole fight. But I question whether he can earn a rematch at this point in his career. Rematches just don't mean shit if they are not earned or given because the boss scored it different than the judges.

    The UFC is the biggest MMA organization there is. Instead of giving out rematches when they don't like the outcome they should push there weight around to get the AC to change. Giving quick turnaround rematches cheapens everything from the first defense to the out come to the rematch to the title itself.

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