Following cancelation of Palhares vs. Fitch, WSOF executive issues warning to fighters

Abdel-Aziz told on Wednesday that due to personal reasons Rousimar Palhares has withdrawn from his welterweight title fight against Jon Fitch on July 5. Palhares' manager Alex Davis was not immediately available to discuss why Palhares had to pull out of the fight.

As a result, the new main event of WSOF 11 will be Justin Gaehtje vs. Nick Newell for the lightweight title. Abdel-Aziz added that the promotion is working towards booking Fitch vs. Jake Shields in the co-main event
So why has Abdel-Aziz had enough?

"We're getting screwed," he said. "I'm trying to put on a fight card and be nice to fighters, and now they dont want to fight each other.

"I have to put WSOF first and everyone else second. No more Mr. Nice Guy."
"I'm getting sick of this," he said. "If a fighter is not going to respect the promotion, he is going to be shelved for a long time. I will not release anyone to another promotion. Fighters must honor their contracts."
Wow, pretty crazy. Fitch vs Shields sounds like a more exciting fight (or more boring to some). but it's about damn time WSOF acted like a real promotion, rather than another feeder for the UFC.