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This country overanalyzes everything all the time. This thread is an example. "It's a step down for Hunt" pfft. It's an awesome match-up for awesome fighters. Enjoy it!
I don't agree it's an awesome match-up. But I also don't really enjoy watching Nelson fight; he's got great technique but he doesn't use it.

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Even if it is a slight step down, Hunt didn't win his last fight so I don't see a problem with it. You shouldn't have a step up in competition after a draw.
It's a fair point, though I don't agree with the official rankings that put Hunt one above Nelson. I'm not sure that I even have Roy in the top 10; would rather see him matched up with someone like Gonzaga.

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My buddy was joking about that saying 2 big hippos going at it. Imagine the monicer for this one "UFC Fight Night Live Hungry Hungry Hippos" (Imagine that in Goldie's voice"
Your friend is my hero... I couldn't stop laughing at "Hungry Hungry Hippos"