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Thread: Report: UFC eyes Roy Nelson vs. Mark Hunt bangfest for Sept. 20 return to Japan

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    Quote Originally Posted by CtGreat View Post
    If I called your mother a fat whore to her face with you standing there, would you invite me over for dinner?
    It would depend on how many dudes she was blowing at the time you said it, and if you were bringing dessert to dinner.

    3 or more dudes, and cherry pie...yeah, you'd be invited.

    Fat is generally used as an insult, but people have forgotten the actual meaning of words. Most of the insults in our society aren't what we think they are. Most UFC heavyweights, NFL linemen, some MLB players, and several other careers that require a ton of physical skill, are fat. When I was in high school I weighed 270-230 depending on what part of wrestling season it was. After I graduated, for a few years, I dropped as low as 170. I was in far better shape when I weighed 230, than when I weighed 170. Fat doesn't mean that you're ugly, in bad shape, or any of that. Fat means you have excess weight. Now don't get me wrong, most people that are fat, aren't in tip top physical condition, but some are. It isn't always a bad thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tongan.Death.Grip View Post
    Mark hunt aint fat!!
    He's pleasantly pump.

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    War hunto!

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