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Thread: Jose Aldo to defend UFC featherweight title Aug. 2 at Staples Center

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    Default any case, I expect Mendes to fucking smash Aldo this time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalebarker View Post
    I think Chad's biggest improvement this fight is going to be his mental improvement. It seemed like he was a little scared of Aldo the first time. He has looked like a much more confident fighter over the last couple years.
    Something else that nobody has mentioned yet is that the venue is in California, and not in Brazil. I think the first fight in Aldo's backyard played a BIG part in his win. I'm sure it affected Mendes mentally having to fight through the negative Brazilian fans' chants.

    I think we will see a relaxed Mendes, and perhaps this time he will have the fans on his side facing the champ. Aldo has already beaten the home crowd hero before (Hominick) and should he beat Mendes again, in his backyard, I don't see how the UFC can deny him the true #1 P4P ranking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDoucheyWun View Post
    The only part of this post I like is this..The two clear cut top guys fighting in a rematch. It should be good.

    Other then that Mendes hasn't just been on a tare but always was and his lone lose could be not there if not for illegal activities,
    I definitely short changed Mendes. Perhaps I should have said that he look as good as a fighter can possibly look coming off a loss.

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    A, lot of ppl leaning towards Mendes I see. While I think he has a chance, I don't think he will pull it off.

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    I think Aldo is the best fighter on the planet, and I think he beats Mendes again, albeit less convincingly than last time.

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    If Mendes can't do it I don't see anyone in the division threatening him for a long time. Based on his performances he is clearly #2. I wouldn't hesitate to pick him over TKZ, Edgar, Swanson, Poirier and Llamas.
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    I think Aldo will win again but by decision this time...

    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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