Melendez: I can walk right through Pettis' kicks

Anthony Pettis is the most effective and dynamic striker in the UFC's lightweight division and it's what got him to be a world champion. That and world class jiu-jitsu.

Next opponent Gilbert Melendez believes he has the tools to defeat Pettis and isn't worried about any of his striking, kicks included:

His striking and his kicks and his creativity is awesome, but its nothing I fear at all, Melendez said. I feel quite confident in this matchup. I feel like stylistically, this is a matchup Ive been wanting for a long time.

I think hes a great guy and creative, but Im not scared of those kicks at all. I feel I can walk right through them, to be honest. Hes good at what he does, but I think Im better in a bunch of different dimensions.