White: Brown one fight from title shot
Brown was explicit at the post fight press conference about what he wanted.

"I am not calling it a title shot, I am calling it a title fight because I am not going to take a shot at it. I'm going to take the title when I go fight for it," said Brown.

The case against Brown is a simple one - he has no wins vs. top 10 fighters. However, looking at the fighters ranked above him, a solid case emerges for a title fight as soon as champion Robbie Lawler recovers from surgery.

1. Robbie Lawler - Had a title shot in March
2. Rory MacDonald - On a one-fight win streak
3. Tyron Woodley - 3-2 last five fights
4. Carlos Condit - Injured
5. Jake Ellenberger - 2-2 last four fights
6. Hector Lombard - Only has two fights in the division
7. Matt Brown

Never the less, UFC president Dana White firmly applied the brakes to title talk, noting that the back injury Brown sustained before a planned fight with Carlos Condit at UFC on FOX 9 in December is what delayed the process.

的 said, 塑ou sound like the media. Calm down. Let me go home, and we値l figure it out,'" related White. "Matt Brown should have already been in that position. He hurt his back with that Condit fight. That was the fight that was going to get him where he wanted to be. But this fight definitely puts him in a spot where we値l give him one of those top contenders.

Brown earns additional $100,000
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Erick Silva health OK, cleared to fly home
的t was a pretty amazing performance on his part too," said Brown post fight. "At least in terms of catching me cold and putting me down and being able to withstand more punishment than anyone痴 withstood from me before.

As Brown had his arms raised, Silva lay motionless on the ground.

As fans filtered out of the arena, Silva was carried out on a stretcher.
At the post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said Brown had been transported to the hospital, and there were concerns about a possible concussion and broken jaw.

However, White tweeted good news in the early morning hours.

Dana White @danawhite
Erick Silva came back with a clean bill of health and can fly home 2 morrow!!!