“I found that our fans are going to bitch about everything. We know what fights people want to see. We have different types of fights, ones that hard-core MMA fans are into, and then fights that break through, that spill over into main stream that people will PPV to see. (On knowing what people want to see?) Because I’m the biggest fucking fight fan there is.
“I literally don’t read the internet anymore. I used to go on all the time, but I’m just not into it anymore. I’ve shut myself off from that whole world. All you need to is to get some money, build a website and you’re an instant journalist.”
“…It’s tough to interact with people on the internet – nameless faceless people who can say what they want without consequences.”
“Engaging in social media is good if you have the patience and social skills.”
- Dana White

So basically Dana said that he doesn't care what the fan thinks because since he is a fight fan he knows everythign that other fight fans want. Essentially he only cares about himself. Not that this is anything new but even Im shocked at how stupid a thing to say that is. Such horrible logic.