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Thread: Dana White's stance on fans, fights, and the internet

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    How Dana White can say that he is the biggest MMA fan there is when he actually bitches a lot about fighters that fight in a safe way?

    The dude is a like a typical sherdogger idiot that just wants to see brawls, and when he sees some technical fight that he can not understand, then he begins to whine about that.

    The only difference between him and a shertard, is that his billionaire friends bought him a company and made him the president of it. Now he makes all the decisions and bash his own employees and fans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    I think he has some good points.

    The internet does provide a semi anonymous medium for anyone and everyone to shit talk about everything. With the lack of accountability, people will bitch about almost anything and some will get their kicks by trolling.

    I often dont agree with Dana's opinion or the fights being booked by the UFC, but the thing is... Dana does know what he is doing, Dana has been very successful in creating and building the current UFC brand. $3 billion dollar value says Dana is doing a good job,
    The issue is, Dana always has a long term vision in mind, fans are ignorant of this business plan.

    What I found amusing is Dana saying he doesnt read the internet, I find that hard to believe unless he is claiming that because one of his staff reads it to him - and he is basically admitting he doesnt do any of his own social media. Doesn't Dana tweet during events? Maybe he doesn't realize Twittter is on the internet.
    Dana White is a FIGHT PROMOTER. Just like Don King and Bob Arum. He will lie about every and anything to promote the UFC. He only cares about the sport as it relates to the success of the UFC. If the sport never gains mainstream acceptance the same way that baseball and football has, but turns a profit for the UFC year after year, then as far as he's concerned he'd done his job. That not a diss on Dana White, it's just a fact. He does not believe in Martial Artist are has any kind of respect for it, and honestly I can't say I've ever heard him say otherwise. He's a carnival barker and a damned good one, but little more than that. It's my hope that the sport and it's fans will out grow people like him. That one day MMA may find it's way into the Olympics again. We may have to see a new wave of rules and voluntary fighter behaviors to protect fighters and grow more respect for the sport, (I would love to see sportsmanship more the norm rather than beating a KO'd guy's brains in after he's out cold for example). I think all of this is possible once we evolve past the Dana White era of MMA. I think the future of MMA will still have the UFC as the main promotion, but the UFC will not be seen as being bigger than the sport itself and there will be a lot more competition for viewers. Who knows? Maybe even Interpromotional competition to crown a yearly grand champion? It sounds crazy, but so did the idea of Mixed Martial Arts back when the UFC was started. I remember renting UFC fights on VHS and the video clerk told me that "this stuff will never catch on"...well that video store like most do not exist anymore, but we are still talking about MMA.
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