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Thread: Alexander Shlemenko says Bellator 120 loss to Ortiz was 'a very good experience'

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    What in God's name would Bellator stand to gain by making this a work? Taking a talent who has thrived under their banner and is their champion and making him face a LHW? If they were in to fixing fights, why just not get a LHW on the roster and let Tito smash him?

    Makes zero sense to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    What in God's name would Bellator stand to gain by making this a work? Taking a talent who has thrived under their banner and is their champion and making him face a LHW? If they were in to fixing fights, why just not get a LHW on the roster and let Tito smash him?

    Makes zero sense to me.
    I agree, chancing a work on this fight would be a pointless risk.

    Why sacrifice an active champ for Ortiz who wont most likely will not be one of the more active fighters on the roster?
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    I dont think it was a work, I think it was a classic case of size over skill.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trojan Fight Club View Post
    well now I've seen War Machine's dick. fantastic.
    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Ill go against the grain.
    Werdum via triangle
    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonPaulForPeace View Post
    Shocking that someone with the name bonesknows is going to defend the ufc saying bellators ppv trash blah blah blah
    Sure, because i like Jon Jones and thought the ppv was awful im a fanboy. Whats not shocking is that Bellator - who once said they wouldnt sign ufc rejects to sell cards - sold you a card with a washed up rampage vs old man mo, 1 win in like 8 years Tito vs a true MW who could cut to WW and an interim belt that made little to no sense at all as trash and thought it would be a huge success. That card was spike tv worthy at best. Eddie and Chandler was the only fight worth buying lets get real.

    Wonder why this site has went to shit. Got people who dont know that its called MMA not UFC. Your one of these guys who think that if fighters are not in the ufc that they not good, UFC does NOT have all the best fighters, they have some of the best.
    Thats a bold assumption for you to make when i have publicly supported Eddie and have called him the #2 in the world for a whle (behind Showtime). Go back and look at the Bellator - Eddie contract threads dude. I payed to go see him fight pitbull live in my hometown of Windsor so dont give me this "im one of those guys" nonsense.

    They protect certain fighters and push them like they some of the nest, Bisping comes to mind, oh hes top 10 damn guy doesnt have a victory over a current ufc fighter.
    who said Bisping is top 10? i sure as hell didnt. Ive argued hes bottom top 10 at best.

    They cut guys like fitch, okami and shields who im sure you will say that they not that good, they all top 10.
    you say bisping isnt top 10 - but then say fitch and Okami are. Thats interesting to me. Sheilds as well to a lesser extent.

    Then theirs Askren who dana doesnt want to come in becase he will grind out all hese guys dana trys to build as the best.
    Bjorn must be a piece of shit too - i mean he let his own champion walk...what does that say about Bellator which you are defending so much? Letting their CHAMPION walk. That shouuld speak volumes.

    I love this sport but Dana is a bad face for it and fans who lick his ball sweat and eat up everything he says, its a joke.
    Sure there are some of those people, but clearly you havent read a DW thread ON THIS SITE in a long time.

    Jones is NOT the p4p best, your going to defend him to the death because dana tells you he is.
    I defend it because i know he is. Everyone has an opinion on P4P - and mine is formed off my own opinion not dana's.

    No point in to argue cause ufc fan boys dont know any better. , I gave my opinion and thats it, some ufc idiots need to get off danas balls, thinking that ufc is all there is, is bad for the sport, bad for fighters period.
    Or is it that you dont know any better? Bellator / WSOF / ONEFC / Invicta are all great things and do great things for the sport. But to put them in the same discussion with the UFC isnt fair to those said companies. They are night and day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RonPaulForPeace View Post
    I feel all this size dif crap is coming from ufc fanboys. So 30lbs is such a big deal in bellator but when jones is clearly that much bigger then say sonnen, shogun, evans, and belfort its all good and hes praised as the best fighter in the world. Beating smaller guys dont make you the p4p best PERIOD. That Bellator ppv was very good for there 1st ppv, it wasnt watered down like most recent ufc ppvs. Im sure i will get heat from the ufc nut huggers but as a true fan who knows that this is mma and not ufc this is how i feel. I truely enjoy bellator and wsof, and lately they been putting on better cards then watered down ufc cards.
    Uh Shogun and Evans have been fighting at lhw their whole careers basically and more importantly Shogun and Evans were both recent lhw champs. Bellator and WSOF and Titan etc are all great but do not say that Evans and Shogun and even Vitor are or were too small for Jones. Vitor used to fight at lhw.
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