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Thread: UFC For Alexander Gustafsson, it's simple: Sign the bout agreement, Jon Jones

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    If you're the "best" just let thee ufc line em up. You shouldn't be so concerned about your opponent. Haven't seen Cain cry about fighting Jds or Bigfoot more than once, nor Aldo complain about Mendes getting a rematch or the possibility of a Cub rematch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    If bones hadn't made the weak-assed suggestion that they fight each other--particularly after not balking at the easier fights he's been given--it would have sounded more stupid.

    That is exactly what it is for me. Bones trying to get his competition to fight each other AFTER he took much easier fights in the past no problem is why it is dumb that he suggested that.

    Quote Originally Posted by HillbillyDeluxe View Post
    The whole thing reeks of absolute shit. Fight who you are matched against, period. None of this picking and choosing crap, it's getting old especially for the so called "Champion". If Bones opts out, DC vs Gus would be a huge slap in the face to the Mauler who has been waiting patiently after dispatching Manuwa handily.

    I want to see Cormier vs Jones as much as the next guy, but the fact of the matter is Gustafsson earned the rematch and should be first in line. As well as I feel he deserves it, seeing as how that first fight could of easily been scored his way. Just my 2 cents...
    I personally don't think it is a matter of Gus being the opponent, it is a matter of wanting more money. I don't think he particularly wants to fight Gus but I think the reason he hasn't signed yet is to hold out so the UFC gives him more. He thinks the UFC is screwed without him and needs to cater to him in order to keep going but he is not as essential to the company as he believes imo. This is not a good idea for Jones, he probably won't get more money and like I said earlier in the thread it is ruining the one last positive thing about his image as he can be coming across as scared.

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    I absolutely do not like Jones' personality and such. But the guy is a great fighter who did gut out a win against Goose. As much as I don't like Jones, re-watching that fight I did not see Goose deserve to walk away with the title - draw at best for him. I think Jones is either looking for more $$$, a later fight date, or both. Can't really blame him. After seeing what Cormier did to Hendo I and knowing the punching power he has, I'd rather face Goose if I were Jones. Unless it was cause I already beat him and there's another legit threat to eliminate.

    Maybe I'm giving Jones too much credit, maybe not. If I'm wrong and he is picking fights cause he's scared, then he got "fat" and happy (rich) and lost his fire.

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