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Thread: Ranking the most disappointing fighters in UFC history

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    I think the author is talking about hype entering the UFC, Vera built himself while he was already in the organization. When he first started there wasn't that much hype.
    Can't be, otherwise the list wouldn't be able to include Nover or Escudero. Both were nobodies before the show.

    I definitely think Vera should be included in that list, however. There was talk of him revolutionizing the HW division after he took out Mir... and now we're here. How is that not a disappointment? Sokoudju also had ENORMOUS hype coming off his two monster upsets, and I believe his record is around .500 these days. I'd throw Jake Shields in there too.

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    Disappointment is such a weird subjective thing. Theoretically BJ Penn was a "disappointment" at several major points in his career. Don't get angry, just let it sink in, and think about it. BJ is a legend, but there are a couple of spots were he was expected to win, and they could have catapulted him into the GOAT conversation. Off the top of my head, losing to Pulver, if he wins that fight, and keeps rolling, how would he be viewed now? My other example is that he looked like he was going on an Anderson worthy title run, and then boom Frankie Edgar 2x, and then he goes to 170. How would he be viewed if he gets by Edgar, stays at 155, and holds the title for another 2 years? Those "what ifs" lead to dissapointment because they were, at one point, expected. Huge expectations lead to dissapointing results, usually, even if those results were great. If I told you I was gonna give you a mansion, and when you went to it, it was just a nice house, at least part of you would be disappointed, but if I didn't say shit, and then gave you a nice house, you would be pumped. That's how expectations work.
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    Markes/Olivera/P.Thiago/Nunes/E.Silva. Hazlett/McCorkle/Alexander/Slice Hominick/Parysian.

    Everyone from Japan next to Okami.
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    The names that popped into my head right away when reading the title was:

    - CroCop (no he wasn't past his prime entering the UFC; he was right at the peak)
    - Vera
    - Wilson Gouveia

    I almost want to put Big Nog in there as well. Even though he did win the title, he just got his ass kicked in every fight it seemed. He just didn't look good at all in the UFC run.

    Guys like Wandi and Kid Yamomoto didn't surprise me too much as I did think they were on the downhill trajectory when entering the UFC.

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    Rampage Jackson, if anything he lived up to the hype only to fall further then anyone on this list.

    What about Big Nog, he was brought in, got a special welcome, but honestly Tim was beating the shit out of him before getting caught and while he earned an interm title, Mir knocked him out and broke his arm, Cain TKO'd him, Werdum sub'd him, Nelson KO'd him,seems like he hasnt lived up to the hype either.
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    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. MMA View Post
    I almost forgot about the former future multidivision champ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    I think the author is talking about hype entering the UFC, Vera built himself while he was already in the organization. When he first started there wasn't that much hype.
    I wouldn't have put the TUF guys on the list then...yes, I get that the crap reality show isn't "really" the UFC, but it's still zuffa, and they give contracts to guys who don't win. But I could see the point being made.

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