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fighter bashing from an admin? say it aint so.

On topic. Lets all wait in anticipation for the fight to be announced Thursday after this "meeting". Ppl freak the fuck out over anything Jones does - As we see with the post above, as well as the countless Jones threads. Funny how ppl can go from disagreeing with everything Dana says but whenever it slightly favors their opinion on a subject - especially a Jones one, they beleive every word he says.

Question, how many times have we herd Dana say this same shit about other fighters when booking a fight? It helps sell the fucking fight. Notice how Jones doesnt give a fuck? Why? Because all these fairweather fans who will buy the fight because of the hype around will actually believe the nonsense Dana sells them, and at the end of the day that = $$$$ for Jones.
A champion who apparently does not want to defend his belt against the number one contender is... well... disgraceful.

Oh and I think calling a fighter disgraceful is a bit of a stretch for fighter bashing.

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I keep seeing this, and correct me if im wrong- but didnt Aldo bitch forever about re matching Mendes? And one can argue GSP did it with Diaz.


So in your first post you stick up for Jones and state these claims are all bullshit made up by Dana to sell fights...

In the next post, you attempt to justify the Jon's actions by claiming both Aldo and GSP did the same thing (ducking fights).

Which is it, fake or a justified move by Jones?

I see a couple things wrong with your logic.. just because other champs have done it doesn't mean it isnt a douche move. I remember both Aldo and GSP catching heat for their actions.

A second point worth noting is, Aldo finished Mendes in the first round. GSP had not almost been dethroned by Diaz.. Where as Jones was almost beat by Gus, some would even claim it was a shitty decision which should have gone Gus's way. Gus deserves another shot at Jones.. Diaz didnt deserve a shot at GSP.