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Even if it was clowning I would argue that it is irrelevant. Weidman threw an ugly sloppy goofy looking back hand that served the purpose of making Silva move his head towards Weidmans left that led to the knockdown punch. What looked, at least to me as desperation, was actually a pretty sweet set up move to end the fight.
That's been discussed as well. Weidman has talked about how most over committed fighters tend to throw alternate strikes left-right-left or right-left-right as they try to regain some balance--think Forrest haplessly windmilling at the nothing Silva left him with. He's stated he'd studied the film enough to know he could land if he mixed it up instead. The backhand was enough to put Anderson off balance--much like he'd routinely done to his opponents--setting up bigger shots.

Chris has talked about that, and the intention behind the knee-check, and [unlike Anderson, or jones, or dana] there hasn't been any tangible reason to doubt the veracity of his statements.

With Silva's age combined with the fact that he appeared to be slowing down even before the Weidman fight along with his injury and I am actually move excited about BJ Edgar 3 at this point. Silva comes back and crushes someone and that might change however
I'm excited to see Anderson fight, whomever. I still think it will be Bisping. But there are a lot of compelling reasons to watch the guy fight anybody.

I just think it's funny how pervasive the "Edger-pwned-Penn-in-both-fights-so-I'm-not-watching-it" nonsense is among today's viewers.

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I was watching mma then, but actually missed that fight due to work, and was not into the forums or posting then. I've actually learned a lot of this forum, and am happy to stand corrected on that point.
I apologize if my statement came off more douche-y than my usual douche-quota.
I work with a lot of people who got into MMA in the last few years, and know zero beyond what dana or rogaine tell them.

I still would like to see a rematch that does end in a second rd leg break... Assuming he returns successfully and earns the shot.
I'm assuming you mean doesn't end in a break?