Twenty-six-year-old Californian Lightweight Dashon “Fly Boy” Johnson (9-0) has been signed by the UFC to take on fellow newcomer Jake Matthews (4-0) on June 28th at UFC Fight Night 43 in Aukland, New Zealand.

Both guys come in with perfect records, but once I started looking at just who Johnson had fought, and what their records were, I was quite surprised at what I found.

First of all, all nine of Johnson’s pro bouts were fought in the Xplode Fight Series organization in California. That got me curious, then when I clicked on each of his opponents, here’s what I found (from first to last):

Tommy Franklin (0-1) – Nov. 2012
Jordan Delano (0-11) – Jan. 2013
Kenneth Johnson (0-1) – March 2013
Randall Adams (0-1) – May 2013
Phelan Fleming (0-7) – June 2013
Kenny Kilgore (1-5) – July 2013
Brady Harrison (12-11) – Sept. 2013
Ray Carter (0-2) – Jan. 2014
Jordan Delano (0-11) – March 2014

Only two of his opponents have ever won a fight at all!!
What do you think?

Have you seen a guy with a more padded record in your armchair MMA career?