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Thread: Vitor Belfort Releases Statement On Drug Test, Says Results Were “Above The Range”

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    That poster joined a year ago. Chael got popped like four years ago. He wasn't even on the boards at that time.

    And your point is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Who on this forum is giving Chael a pass?
    it's a matter of perspective. I'm not giving Vitor "a pass" per se, but I'm trying to keep things accurate as far as his history and the 2006 test goes.

    There are posters who bring up PED's every time Vitor's name is mentioned....but I don't see anyone bringing anything up about sonnen admitted abuse in the past.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Again, I dont see anyone giving Chanel a pass.
    it could easily be said that anyone who is complaining about suspicions of Vitor's PED abuse without simultaneously complaining about chael's is giving sonnen a pass.

    I don't have any empirical data because it's just not important enough to me, but I believe I see more than 10 posts about Vitor being a PED abuser than I see posts about sonnen being a PED abuser, despite the fact that sonnen is 100% more verifiable as a cheater than Vitor. There have been 10+ threads about Vitor being an abuser, there have been multiple people warned about crossing a line about fighter-bashing--yourself included--and bannings about Vitor...while there are very few posters who raise the same concerns about chael.

    So to go back to your original post "who gets more get out of jail free cards?" I'd have to say sonnen.

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    There's nothing to complain about with Chael. He got popped. It's over with. Unless you like beating a dead horse.

    With Chael it's, he was popped. That's it. With Vitor it's "well he didn't know, his doctor didn't know, his sister was kidnapped, it was elevated but not too much, etc."

    Those are the get out of jail free cards. I've never heard anyone defend Chael and his useage. Not once.

    But if not saying that Chael is a horrible person 9 ways from Sunday every time Vitor's issues are brought up is giving him a pass?

    Also there has never been to my knowledge a warning or a banning when it's come to Chael and the things people say about him. But the mods have gone to great lengths to protect Vitor's name on the interwebz. Vitor was popped in 06, call him a cheater and you get warned. Vitor just got popped again, and I'm assuming if I called him a cheater I'd get warned again.

    Call Chael a cheat, a horrible pos who lies and steals and will kill your children, well it's just the truth.

    Also for me at least, what concerns need to be raised by Chael? After the Anderson fight has there been any issue with Chael and TRT? No.

    Vitor has had this ongoing since he's been back in the UFC. It's not like people are only talking about his 06 failed test and just that and beating that horse into the ground.

    So of course there will be on going questions with Vitor.
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    I was responding to your comment about why someone would be a Sonnen fan, not whether he gets a pass on his TRT. Had he won the belt, he would have been stripped, and he would have looked more foolish than he did, but the way in which he fought still stands. Same with Vitor, juiced up or not, his performances over the past several fights were still extremely impressive.

    As for when I registered, lol, I've been watching MMA since 2004, and I've lurked on here for a few years before joining.

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    Im a bit confused Sak...

    "There's nothing to complain about with Chael. He got popped. Its over with. Unless you like beating a dead horse" as justification as to why Chael isnt dragged through the mud, but Vitor's test from 2006 is still something to get cranky about? Isnt that a bit of a double standard?

    In Canada, 5 years after you serve your punishment, you are allowed to apply for a pardon. We're pretty much at the 8 year anniversary from Vitor's positive. If we're going to stop beating the dead horse of Chael's test, can we do the same with the Vitor one too?

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    Is that how the chael thing went down? He got popped, that was it?

    No media circus, lies, claims of hypogonadism for years, claims he may leave the sport if it's banned, etc, etc, etc.
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    Isn't mentioning Chael's faults, well, mentioning Chael's faults? Which kinda proves that they do get pointed out? I rarely talk about this stuff. I personally have always thought TRT, or whatever is actual legal in regular life, should be allowed in sports. I mean I guess check the levels, and everything, but it's their bodies. They are the ones affecting it, and have to deal with whatever later in life consequences occur. All that being said, the only thing I don't like is that Vitor doesn't fight outside of Brazil, but that isn't his fault. It's another case of the UFC pretending to want honor and integrity, but really Dana White would shit on (insert any legend here)'s face for slightly better PPV numbers. I don't blame any fighter for pushing the limits if the company secretly doesn't care, and the reward is that great.
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