UFC Fight Night 42 weigh in results, live video stream

Complete UFC Fight Night 42 weigh in results are as follows:
Main card:

155 lbs.: Ben Henderson (155.5) vs. Rustam Khabilov (156)
155 lbs.: Ross Pearson (155.5) vs. Diego Sanchez (155)
125 lbs.: John Dodson (125) vs. John Moraga (126)
155 lbs.: Rafael dos Anjos (156) vs. Jason High (154.5)
155 lbs.: Yves Edwards (155) vs. Piotr Hallman (154)
135 lbs.: Bryan Caraway (135) vs. Erik Perez (136)
Preliminary card

135 lbs.: Yaotzin Meza (136) vs. Sergio Pettis (135)
170 lbs.: Lance Benoist (169) vs. Bobby Voelker (170.5)
125 lbs.: Scott Jorgensen (125.5) vs. Danny Martinez (124.5)
155 lbs.: Jake Lindsey (153.5) vs. Jon Tuck (154.5)
205 lbs.: Patrick Cummins (204) vs. Roger Narvaez (204)

Diego Sanchez: UFC Fight Night 42 marks the return of 'The Nightmare' against Ross Pearson
"I'm coming in there ready to throw hands and if I get an opportunity to take Ross down, I'm going to take him down," Sanchez continued. "All I got to say to the fans is you've got a good fight on your hands. It's going to look a lot like Erick Silva and Matt Brown. I'm going to put pressure. I'm going to take the fight to him and I hope he plans on taking the fight to me also."
"What 'The Nightmare' started as was this guy who had so much conditioning that when you fight him he doesn't go away, he doesn't get out of your face," Sanchez explained. "He's just going to keep putting pressure on you. You hit him with your worse shot and he doesn't go. It's that bad dream. Where I got the idea for "The Nightmare" it's that bad dream. Anybody that is a fighter has had that dream. You have that dream where you are fighting somebody and you can't fight hard. You just can't kick. You don't have that strength. You are just tired. The other guy just has more energy than you."

"That's the nightmare and that's what I'm going to bring to the fight because 'The Nightmare' started in Albuquerque. That's where my fight career started. It's the high-altitude conditioning that I bring to the cage. It's my energy. It's my mentality. That's what 'The Nightmare' is and it's inside the cage. Not outside the cage. It's inside the cage. I'm bringing 'The Nightmare' back for this fight. This is my hometown fight. Albuquerque is getting 'The Nightmare.'"