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Thread: Chael Sonnen fails random drug test

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    I had to stop watching that about halfway through.

    He keeps citing in/out of competition rules and that's simply bs. He was using pct and got hit before his timeline for clear tests; simple as that. He even accidentally eluded into it during the interview when he talked about his own tests being less sensitive. Also, he says he knew he'd piss hot for hcg but didn't know it was banned? Umm...then why were you testing yourself for it or knew it would come back?

    And both hcg and clomid are prohibited in and out of competition. Have been forever. Not to mention there IS a nsac website that DOES outline the rules and I'm sure his management, the ufc, and chael sonnen are well aware.

    And what's with the three rapid blinks when formulating an answer? Want to play some poker?
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