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Thread: Champ Demetrious Johnson wants new challenges, and not necessarily John Dodson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremire View Post
    I hope you're not serious, because if you are I expect you'll be disappointed. Jones could whip Gus from pillar to post before finishing him and 1inthechamber will still be on here talking about lack of talent and reach advantages.

    He's no more likely to slink off in shame than you would be if Gus tools Jones, because you are two different sides of the same coin. It's like some weird Joker/Batman, Superman/Lex Luther, Thor/Loki nemesis dynamic you guys have got going on.
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    I'm actually pretty sick of rematches (Jones vs Gus II being the exception) Barao hasn't earned a rematch and neither has Dodson. If Makovsky wins his next one impressively he should get the next shot.

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    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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