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    Default Wandy's Diuretics...

    UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva went before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday, where he was called for an “informational meeting” to help the commission refine its drug testing and sample collection policies.

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    Have We Seen the Last of Wanderlei Silva in the UFC? “They're Going to Bury Him!” MMA Weekly Chael Sonnen Admitted to Taking a Third Banned Substance After Initial Test Failure Revealed Two MMA Weekly UFC is botching Wanderlei Silva-Vitor Belfort situation Yahoo Sports Chael Sonnen Temporarily Suspended For Failed Drug Test, Future Disciplinary Hearing Looms MMA Weekly Joe Rogan Says Vitor Belfort Tested Positive, Results Likely to Become Public at NSAC Hearing MMA Weekly While the meeting may have been “informational” on Tuesday, it is likely to linger over Silva’s head like the dark cloud that it is.

    During the meeting, the commission’s sample collection agent gave a detailed description of the steps he took to track Silva down in order to collect the required blood and urine samples necessary for a random drug test. He also detailed how after contacting him in person at the Wand Fight Team gym, Silva fled the site.

    Both the collection agent and new executive director Bob Bennett attempted to track Silva down by phone, but neither was successful in reaching him or getting him to comply with providing the necessary samples.

    Silva appeared in person at the meeting on Tuesday, but did not attempt to negate the commission’s characterization of how events unfolded, even though weeks earlier he published a video providing a different explain of the situation. (Watch Wanderlei Silva's video explanation here.)

    In fact, he agreed that was what happened and then provided further information about why he did what he did.

    Although he has never tested positive in the past, Silva knew he was likely to test positive on this occasion if he submitted the requested samples.

    Silva’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, explained the situation on Silva’s behalf, saying that Silva injured his wrist during the highly publicized on-set scuffle with Chael Sonnen during filming of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil.

    As a result of his injury, which in early May was diagnosed as a fractured right wrist, Silva was prescribed anti-inflammatories by UFC doctors. His fight with Sonnen was then moved from May 31 to July 5.

    Upon the rescheduling of his fight, Silva began taking diuretics to try and minimize the inflammation in his wrist. When he was surprised by the agent coming to his gym to collect samples for random drug testing, which apparently had never happened to him before, Silva realized the diuretics were likely to show up as a positive and thus avoided providing the samples.

    Goodman added that Silva realized in retrospect that he made the wrong choice in how he handled the matter, but when the commission called for him to appear, he wanted to comply and admit to his mistake.

    Although Silva’s appearance was framed as informational, after he provided information admitting to evading the sample collection and admitting to using diuretics, the commissioners discussed how to proceed, which appears to be filing a formal complaint against Silva for future action.

    “With that information, I will move forward with the Executive Director and determine how we will file this complaint,” said Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar.

    So while it may at first have appeared a slap on the wrist for Silva, a complaint will be filed against him, and he will once again have to deal with the Nevada commission if he hopes to fight again in the future.

    So, do diuretics really help with inflammation? Better than advil, etc? Thought it was total bullshit at first as I was always under the impression these were just to get rid of water weight. But I see they are used as anti-inflammatories. Still though, why not something in the vein of advil or other anti-inflammatories that are not banned. I still smell bullshit from Silva. With all this licensing stuff and his age/wear-tear. Sounds like this is it for his career. What a shitty way to go out...

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    There was a lot of speculation on Silva's weight and weight-cutting leading up to this fight.

    This simply adds to that speculation IMO.
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    They can indeed be used as an anti - inflammatory, happens when people are allergic to/or their body cant process ibuprofen

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    I will fully admit bias in this case...

    If Wanderlei had stuck to one of the two answers he's now provided as to why he skipped the test, I would say either would be believable. His flip-flopping between stories takes creditability away from either answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    I will fully admit bias in this case...

    If Wanderlei had stuck to one of the two answers he's now provided as to why he skipped the test, I would say either would be believable. His flip-flopping between stories takes creditability away from either answer.
    ...his lawyer sucks. Outright sucks. In a 10-sentence statement, he did more to cause suspicion, rather than allay it. It took me maybe 3 minutes to type out a better statement without really considering it beforehand.

    ...and I'm not even that bright.

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    Yeah, apparently Wandy's lawyer isn't too great with the English language either.

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