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Dodson is, easily, the guy who can take the belt away from Mighty Mouse. I just cannot stand his cockiness - he really is on his own level when it comes to that. Because of that, I hope DJ can retain the belt, and do it in a convincing way - such as knocking Dodson the fuck out in dramatic fashion. I won't hold my breath for that, but one can dream, right?
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I don't like Dodson's face. I hope Mighty Mouse changes it.
I absolutely cannot fucking stand John Dodson's arrogance and the way he carries himself.. He irks the shit out of me. However, I feel like he is the man to take the Champ's crown at 125..for now

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I would like to see some new signings for the division to bring some depth.
They need new faces in that division bad, thats for damn sure.. but i'm not talking minnows just to stock the pond, I'm talking some heavy talent. Flyweight's have kinda ran out of depth.. among a few other divisions.