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Thread: "If Jon Jones pushed a ref, would Dana have kicked him out?" Says John Mcarthy

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    anyone has a video or gif about the Yvel incident?
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    ^ that was totally justifiable. Much like Paul Daley sucker punching Kos after the fight. I mean he talked shit the ENTIRE fight. he had it coming.

    Seriously though, i saw ariel retweet something today about tito pushing Big John in his first fight with Chuck...nothing happened then.


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    I have mixed feelings on this topic.

    I FULLY agree that fighters can not, under ANY circumstances, be permitted to shove, or in any other way, physically contact a ref. That precident must be set and maintained.

    HOWEVER... Big John is RIGHT on the money with his assessment.

    AND!... I think that the manner in which the referee was "shoved" is important in this instance. Having watched the incident several times, High shoves the ref in a "get out of here, why did you stop the fight" sort of manner... NOT in a "I'm going to kick your ass" sort of manner.
    I know that's not very scientific... but I also think it's accurate. And obvious to anyone who WATCHES the incident.

    Which is a BIG part of what got me so pissed about High getting fired. DW stated that he was fired... and that he hadn't even SEEN the incident... just HEARD about it.

    COME ON DUDE!!! You're talking about an individuals livelihood! High ain't rich. So he NEEDS to work. And you're basically making it very hard for him. WITHOUT even WATCHING the incident!

    Should High have been punished??!? ABSOLUTELY!!!!
    But should that punishment be a consistently applied penalty that is in keeping with the severity or the specifics of the incident in question...? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

    And in this case.... it was just too much.
    The guy was INSTANTLY sorry.
    I don't think for a second that it will happen again.
    And yet he's basically had his career all but ended.

    Not cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1inthechamber View Post
    Getting suspended I think was good enough and a fine by the ufc. Firing him I think should've came if he did it again.

    Of course Dana wouldn't fire Jones or any champ for that matter.

    Thanks for the shout out kid
    If it was a "boring" champ that he didn't like he would definitely cut him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post

    You can somehow justify hitting a non-combatant in the face when his hands are down and then kicking him when he's down? Not to mention he was what, 160 lbs and Yvel is easily 235?

    Sorry, that shit doesn't fly with me regardless of what BS excuse is made. If Yvel had that much of an issue with it, he should have walked out. This is the guy who eye-gouges, groin kick/punches, and bites as well.

    His ass should have been incarcerated for that. PERIOD.
    I guess my memory was hazy. I always remembered as Yvel just shoving him away, not sucker punching him. But yea, that is basically an assault. Should have gotten him arrested.

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    If you look at the video, the ref did touch his left tit.....and since women are fighting in the UFC now he could use the "sexual harassment" but I wonder if the shit storm would have went in the opposite direction had a male ref made contact with a female fighter in the same way and she had the exact same reaction?
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