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Thread: Talks Between Gina Carano and UFC Reach an Impasse; Negotiations with Holly Holm Prog

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    Default Talks Between Gina Carano and UFC Reach an Impasse; Negotiations with Holly Holm Prog

    Talks between the UFC and former women’s MMA standout Gina Carano have stalled, according to a report on Wednesday evening.

    Sources informed UFC Tonight that negotiations hit a wall between the two sides, further extending the former Strikeforce champion's absence from MMA competition.

    Talks are not dead, however, and both the UFC and Carano are still interested in working with each other, according to the MMA program. Specifics as to the reasons for the impasse were not revealed in the report.

    Carano was under contract with Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, through her old deal with Strikeforce, which Zuffa acquired in 2011. The deal expired in June, and Carano is now a free agent.

    While talks with Carano are at a stalemate, discussions with Legacy FC star Holly Holm are progressing. Sources informed the FOX Sports 1 show that while a deal is not finalized, negotiations are in a good place.

    Both Carano and Holm have been the subject of potential additions to the UFC women’s bantamweight ranks. Current division champion Ronda Rousey’s name has been mentioned as the one to welcome the two potential UFC additions.

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    Holly Holm is a beast! some damn good matchups for them.

    Holly vs Ronda could be fun
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    I could care less that Gina is at an a point where she cannot agree. She did quite a bit for the women's division, put a face to it, in MMA but she made her mark and she has been gone since Cyborg made hers...on her.

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