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Thread: Whatever Happened To The UFC?

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    I honestly don't understand why they run so many damn shows in summer. This is the third summer in a row they've done this. The forgettable UFN don't bother me so much but 3 pay per views and a Fox show in the 2 months where the majority of people are away from their TV is just a recipe for failure. There just isn't enough high end talent available to support these shows. I get having the big show in Vegas around the 4th of July but after that I think they should reduce summer to a big Fox show mid summer and then come back in September with a stacked Pay Per View to set up the rest of the year.

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    Today is the 5th anniversary of UFC 100, the biggest and best selling UFC PPV of all time. I remember being so pumped for that show, I was living in student accommodation with awful internet so couldn't watch or stream it. I searched online for 24 hour Internet cafe's and put out various appeals on social media and different forums practically begging people to let me into their homes at 3am to watch it live lol.

    As that proved fruitless I got up early the next day and spent a few hours in the world's worst Internet Cafe downloading the show so I could watch it in my room. As I remember this two things spring to mind;

    1) I cannot imagine ever going through the same effort to try and watch a UFC PPV now.

    2) UFC 100 is still by far the biggest show them have ever done. I expected it to be the start of a huge growth in popularity with a yearly big show becoming a tradition like Wrestlemania which would consistently draw around 1m buys. Looking back UFC 100 feels like the peak of the organization and all the decisions made since then make me feel like they will not get close to those heights again unless something drastically changes with their current model.

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