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Thread: Diaz brothers remain strong on pay stance

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    I wonder what Kogan's cut is. Whatever it is, it's too damned much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Return Of...... View Post
    None of us know the exact terms of contracts. But I remember reading things in the past and such and one thing I have always been under the impression of is that the UFC is required to offer you x amount of fights within a certain time frame.

    Basically, the contracts is supposed to prevent the UFC from shelving a fighter on the last fight of there contract (ala Vera or AA years ago). If this is true then as long as the UFC offers fights to the Diaz brothers there contract will be frozen until they fulfill it.
    There contract will expire. Offering fights will not change that. The only clause that will prevent their contracts from expiring is the champion clause and they are not champions. It is just a matter of how long they would have to wait to sign with another promotion. One contract I saw, I forgot who it was, was a five fight, seven year contract so chances are Nate's would be inactive too long to make any real money or beat any real contenders if he sits out.
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