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Thread: Chris Weidman: 'I'm going to break Lyoto Machida's will'

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    Machida won't sit in the pocket taunting him or rolling his shoulders. Weidman is gonna have to grab a hold of Machida and put him on the cage or take him down.

    Plus Weidman isn't really the fastest mw out there. I think Machida might finish in between 3rd and 4th round.

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    M 1ck I am down for a 2 week sig bet, I will take Machida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grambino View Post
    I think Machida takes this and keeps it for a while. I believe he would have beaten Silva had they fought. Looks like Weidman will be keeping his shirt on in club after this one.
    I also thought Machida would of been the one to dethrone Anderson Silva had they of fought before Weidman got ahold of him..

    I like Chris, I like Lyoto.. This fight should be fantastic! Either way, I'm riding with The Dragon.
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    This has to be one of the most interesting matchups of the year. Might actually buy this one.

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