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Thread: Jose Aldo out of UFC 176 main event vs. Chad Mendes with injury

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    are you really that obtuse?

    lets revisit how things really happened, since you can't let shit go:

    DC is asked about bones, makes unflattering remarks.
    bones is butthurt, makes unflattering tweets.
    DC said he'd love to fight him, bones calls him fat or something.
    DC toys with idea of dropping down in weight if Cain regains championship. Cain does.
    DC drops weight, signs on to fight Rashad Evans, who was top 3 at the time. Immediate talk of a title fight occurs.
    Evans pulls out of fight with injury, Cummins comes in on short notice. Talk of title fight continues.
    DC beats Cummins, bones says he's not worthy of fighting him, that he hasn't accomplished anything.
    DC beats Henderson.
    DC announces he's injured, needs surgery, but would put it off if bones is really serious about ducking Goose. bones immediately says he'd rather fight DC than goose, not because DC beat Hendo, but because he's a former Olympian and stuff.

    So for your model to work, We'd have to alter history/reality a little bit.

    First, Pettis would be significantly smaller than Aldo. So lets make him 5'4", with a 61" reach. It's not as bad as the disadvantage DC gives up to bones, but it's altered for their respective body frames.

    Pettis would also have been #1 contender when he was going to drop down [he wasn't, Melendez was]. Then he would have had to agree to fight a top 5 opponent [he didn't]; then that opponent would have gotten hurt and your tomato can would have stepped up with less than a week. [Side note: it's a good thing neither of those imaginary guys were jon jones, or that whole imaginary card would have been canceled because they had an imaginary photo op or something.]

    Aldo would have said something like "Anthony Pettis isn't worthy of fighting me, he's never accomplished anything." Then Pettis would have beaten Mike Brown, if Mike Brown was 5 years older and had recently come off an asskicking and had cold-turkeyed TRT. Then Pettis would have had to announce that he's hurt and should really have surgery, but if Aldo really really wanted to duck Mendes, Pettis would take the fight. Aldo would then say he thinks Pettis is the best fighter ever, I mean, he was champ back in the WEC, and he's a much better fight than Mendes.

    Yeah, they're totally the exact same situation.

    thanks for clarifying that for me, son.

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