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Thread: Glover Teixeira vs. Phil Davis possible, nothing finalized yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1inthecooter View Post
    Phil easily outpoints Glover
    I like you, but this seriously might be the dumbest most fucking outlandish assessment of a fight I've ever seen you post.

    Please explain why you think Glover doesnt stuff any takedowns and loses a decision? I saw your reply but it didnt really commit much. Matter of fact, why do you think Davis even gets a chance to take it to the ground? He may not be Davis' caliber of a wrestler but he's still got some defense and his striking blows Phil's out of the water, and quite possible may even finish him.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    I actually don't mind this one too much. Rumble said that he didn't feel ready and wanted more LHW fights under his belt while, presumably, the UFC is looking to build up his fanbase. And Glover is getting the "back to the back of the line" treatment that I think everyone should get after losing a title shot. It gives him a path forward while allowing other challengers to emerge. I think that's fair.
    I absolutely love that Rumble said he isnt ready and wants to stay sharp and better himself by taking more fights before he takes a top tier high profile fight. It's also like you said, he is getting a chance to build up his fanbase and get more name recognition by fighting his way up the ladder 1 by 1 instead of leapfrogging "ranks" so to speak.
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    Davis has horrible striking but his refusal to exchange wont give Glover much of a chance to hit him. Glover is slow and and has a pretty bad gas tank as well. Not saying Glover won't stuff any tds but Davis will not want to strike no matter how many tds are stuffed.

    For the record, im not a Davis fan either. This is just how I see this fight playing out. Ppl ragged on Rampage for being a one trick pony but Glover does pretty much the same, just with more of a killer instinct, and gets a pass. Personally I'd like to see Davis ko'd but I think the longer fight goes, the more Glovers fades and is easier to get taken down.

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