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Thread: Coach: 'Lyoto Machida will knock Chris Weidman out'

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    Default Coach: 'Lyoto Machida will knock Chris Weidman out'

    UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman's striking coach Ray Longo recently said that he believes his charge's opponent at UFC 175, Lyoto Machida, has a weak chin. In a new interview with MMA Fighting, Machida's own striking coach Rafael Cordeiro took exception to the charge.
    "You canít say Lyoto has a weak chin. Thatís a lie," the Brazilian trainer said.
    "Lyoto fought and defeated bigger guys. Heís a world-class striker. He has the experience and the talent, and I say he will knock Weidman out."
    Machida has developed a reputation for being a patient and sometimes cautious fighter but his coach says that "The Dragon" will go for the kill against Weidman Saturday night. "If Chris thinks heís going there with that little hand and that heíll simply take him down and lay and pray, heís dead wrong," he predicted.
    "Lyoto will knock him out. When you fight the champion you have to dominate, leave no doubts."

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    If Chris thinks he’s going there with that little hand

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    How about we let the coaches fight each other?

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