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Thread: Penn retires, says he never should have come back

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    Penn should have retired after the Hughes fight.

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    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    Bj Penn is obviously an extremely talented fighter, but just as Crocop or Nogueira, he is not "young" anymore, he is not motivated anymore, he is not hungry anymore and he is not fighting anymore in a time where many fighters are still one trick poneys.

    It was painful to watch him being absolutely destroyed by Edgar. No one could have imagined 4 years ago that BJ Penn would get his ass kicked in such a vicious way.

    I think that fighters should take a note from these situations and realize that if they are not motivated or hungry anymore then it is time to retire. Because you can not force yourself to be motivated. Either you are naturally motivated or you are not. You can not force yourself to be hungry. You can repeat to yourself 20,000 times that you are hungry, but it will be pointless if you do not really feel that way.

    So instead of retiring after a bunch of brutal loses, just hang up your gloves for good without taking any extra damage.
    GSP is the best example of this. He was not happy anymore, he was not motivated anymore. So he decided to retire making clear that if one day he feels hungry again he will come back.

    Fedor is another good example. Despite 3 easy wins in a row, he decided to retire.

    Why fighters like Bj, Crocop, Nogueira and others still fight despite that they are not motivated at all??
    We can understand that it is not easy to just retire after you have been doing this for many years. But they should also realize that they are doing no one a favour by entering there and being a punching bag.
    At 35 years of age you are still young and you are still strong, but at 50 you will feel the consequences of all those KOs and blows you (innecesarilly) ate just because you were too proud to just walk away.

    They had a great awesome career, they will always be respected by everybody. Why keep fighting when your time has clearly ended a long time ago??
    Why do not retire, enjoy your time with your family. You can still compete in some BJJ tournaments, you can still be in good shape, you can be an instructor, you can be a commentator. I mean, there are many ways you can make money.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe1 View Post
    Penn should have retired after the Hughes fight.

    I, for the life of me, could not understand a 3rd fight with Edgar getting set up. Edgar is really the cream of the crop, and had beaten BJ twice before.....why a 3rd matchup?

    BJ has nothing left to prove in the sport. He is a legend, and should have gone out on a win when he KO'd Hughes (I was at that fight, was a thing of beauty!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    Why fighters like Bj, Crocop, Nogueira and others still fight despite that they are not motivated at all??
    Honestly, I believe Big Nog is still motivated and does truly love to fight. It's just that his body can no longer take it after all the damage he has been put through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan the man 67 View Post
    I, for the life of me, could not understand a 3rd fight with Edgar getting set up. Edgar is really the cream of the crop, and had beaten BJ twice before.....why a 3rd matchup?
    Because Edgar didn't win that first fight, in the eyes of a huge demographic. That was the reason the immediate rematch was set up. However, history has been rewritten for that first fight to where Edgar not won it without controversy, but where he "dominated" Penn in some idiotic perspectives.

    It's actually a lot like the third Hughes fight: In the eyes of a disappointing number of people, Penn lost their second bout because he gassed and is cardio was sooooooo questionable. By going out and putting the stamp on Hughes for the second time, you don't hear as much about the second bout.

    Why was the first Edgar fight rewritten so thoroughly? Because history is written by the winners, and Edgar beat him decisively in the second bout. Add 5 years, and Edgar "destroyed" him in the second bout, and "dominated" him in the first. I believe Penn was looking to address those concerns, just as he did with Hughes. If Penn was able to beat him at 145, he could retire on a huge win and rectify that balance.

    But he couldn't, so he won't.

    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    From what Ive read post-retirement/fight, I would say BJ did still have something to prove. To himself at least, if not to anyone else. He went in, and found out what he needed to find out. Rather then taking the 3rd Edgar fight being his mistake, I would say his brief foray back up to 170 before that was more the mistake.
    Absolutely. He should have beaten Hughes and dropped back down to LW.

    I guess it could have been worse. If he'd somehow gotten past Diaz and Rory, he would have been asking for a third fight with Georges.

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    BJ needed to lose this bad to make it clear that retirement is the right choice. Myself and many hated to see BJ lose this way, but it probably was for the best

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    Default UFC Quick Quote: BJ Penn should continue fighting, but retire his 'crazy strategy'

    "BJ should continue to fight at 145. That crazy strategy should retire, not BJ. Kill the tip toe boxing stance. Kill the feet on hips guard. Kill the flat on the back defensive butterfly guard. 35 is not old. He's in amazing shape. He didn't lose because his body is breaking down. He lost the way he did because of that strange strategy. The whole world was confused. He should stay at 145, and fight a couple of mid-level guys to get his confidence back and I truly believe, with the correct/proper training camps, he can still beat some of the best at 145. And of course I would recommend an offensive clinching guard when on his back. Not one arm bar, Oma plata, Gogo plata, or triangle attempt by BJ. Vitor went after Jones off his back, Pettis went after Benson, Anderson went after Chael, even Tito went after Machida off his back, there's no reason BJ can't attack off his back. Just my opinion, I've never done MMA so what do I know, I could be way off."

    Famed grappling whiz kid Eddie Bravo doesn't understand why BJ Penn retired from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at the age of 35 when he is still capable of beating some of the best fighters in the featherweight division. In fact, the man behind 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu (read his blog here) believes it was the Hawaiian's "strange strategy" -- one that confused more than just Bravo -- that helped expedite Penn's technical knockout loss to Frankie Edgar in The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 Finale last weekend (July 6, 2014) in Las Vegas, Nevada (watch the replay here). Anyone think "The Prodigy" should reconsider? Or should we fall back on the old dog/new tricks maxim?


    Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I've let down

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    Eddie Bravo is right. I've always had an issue with BJ Penn's strategies in general, but yesterday was by far the worst strategy that I have ever seen him implement. I don't know what he was thinking with the upright stance (supposedly it was a better way for him to conserve energy); we all know that it never works in MMA. Then, on the ground, I'm not sure what he was planning to do with his guard. BJ has done his best when he has gotten down with his knees bent for his boxing stance, where it allows him pumps his jab well while having incredible TDD. When he is taken down, he has gone for sweeps or has stood up immediately. This was all out the window yesterday. He also showed no attempts at TDs, which he has done well with, even against Frankie.

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    Trainer: 'I would never in a million years develop that new style' for BJ Penn
    Parillo is not the man responsible for setting the gameplan for the Edgar trilogy match.

    He explained the situation on a recent guest spot on "The MMA Hour" (via MMA Fighting ):

    "I would never in a million years develop that new style. Never in a million years.I got called a week before the fight to work his corner for the fight, so I, myself, hadn't spent time in camp at all with B.J. ... I answered yes automatically because he's my friend. So I didn't know. They explained to me kind of the gameplan the week of the fight, and I was actually rooming with his boxing coach the whole week, so I was listening to him, talking to him about what they were doing. At that point, it's not my position to make any adjustments, like, ‘no, no, no, let's do this, let's do that,' because it's too late for that. It's too late. He's been doing this shit for two years. What, am I going to come in the week of the fight and change a whole gameplan? Change a whole style around? That's not going to happen, nor does B.J. want me to make that happen. He doesn't want that to happen, he wants to go in there with want they have planned."

    Parillo revealed that since they were at odds on the new fighting stance, the best decision would be to not have him in camp. But, after Penn called him prior to the fight to be in his corner, Parillo didn't hesitate to accept the invite. Even though it was hard for him to watch his friend try to execute a strategy that wasn't working.

    But, as he explained, once Penn is set on something, he sticks with it.

    He explains:

    "Everybody and their mother is calling me up going, what the fuck? They're going, 'what the fuck, Jay? What is that?' And I'm like, 'I don't know.' If you can see it (not working) on TV, I can imagine how the audience is seeing it. But, you know, that's B.J. B.J. gets something set in his head and he likes it, and apparently it was working for him in the gym, so he wanted to go from there. I wanted him bending his knees. It's called sitting down on your punch in boxing, and that way you can use your legs to help with your head movement, help with your footwork, help with all this stuff. He just says he doesn't like that style anymore because it made him too tired. So at the end of the day, what can I do? He's my friend and I've got to support him. I always have and I always will."
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