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Thread: UFC 176 Predictions

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    Default UFC 176 Predictions

    Since Jose Aldo has pulled out of his fight with Chad Mended at UFC 176, speculation has been swirling as to who will fill the gap in the main event slot. Rumour had gone around that if she came out of her fight unscathed that Ronda Rousey could potentially step in on short notice, but a knuckle injury and an impending knee surgery will not allow her to do so. Unfortunately this leaves the UFC brass with very few options. Current title holders Cain Velasquez, Jonny Hendricks, Chris Weidman, and Anthony Pettis are all currently on the injured list and are unable to step in leaving me to believe that one of four things could happen.

    The first option, and what I believe is the best option, is to have Mighty Mouse defend his title against John Dodson. The second possibility would be to bump up TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Barao II. It has already been signed for UFC 177 and if poth parties agree to it, it could be moved up an event. The third possibility, and the least likely scenario, would be for Jon Jones to step in on short notice to save the event. The light heavyweight champion has shown disinterested in the past to a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson and I don't expect he'll step up now. The fourth possibility would be to sign two big name fighters to have a non-title main event. I hope for the sake of the UFC and the fans that this doesn't happen as it would not be very good for pay per view sales.

    So those are my predictions. What do you think?

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    Looking at the the state of the 2 PPV's in August I'd predict them to scrap one of them altogether at this point. UFC 177 has one fight announced for it and it's less then two months out. The 176 card was lacking in name value as it is. I think the over saturation of events is starting to catch up with them to the point they can;t even put out lackluster ppvs

    They have pretty weak fight night/pass cards that month as well so no fights they can shift over from there either

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