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I'll happily be there with Belfort, once the evidence is incontrovertible.

The thing I felt most shocking about his test was that his ratio was so close to normal. If he was going to cheat and come in hot, I'd expect him to come back blazing, like sonnen and AO. His test results actually make me less convinced that he was abusing TRT, if anything.

I actually think Vitor is doing what he is supposed to and abiding by all regulations. I just think he is having licensing issues and catching flak due to the past. The past is the past, yes its a mark on his career, but as long as you are bettering your future and have learned from your mistakes and transgressions, I respect that and commend it.

We've ALL screwed up at some point, done something stupid or what have you. Nobody is perfect, so you haters can take that self righteous bullshit on down the road. I'll back somebody to the fullest if they are actively trying to better themselves and their lives and get away from their past, not making the same mistakes over and over or trying to cover it up like they have done nothing wrong. Hell I'm going through that myself, I got a reckless streak a country mile wide, but I'm moving forward with a better future.