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Thread: Nevada attorney general files complaint against Chael Sonnen, who could face $250,000

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    ugh. Does anyone else read this as "when he launches another comeback in a year, fanboyz are going to say 'oh, he paid his dues, they fined him a quarter-million, just trust him and let him fight.'"

    I hope I'm wrong.

    I hope the dead stay buried.

    I would like to think if he did, he'd have to submit to several drug tests for a fight license (like Vitor) and would be randomly drug tested throughout the rest of his career regardless if he had a fight scheduled or not.

    Of course I've been known to think incorrectly about a ton of topics.

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    Pretty sure I remember him stating after a previous failed test that if all they had found was elevated testosterone the test didn't work properly as he was taking way more than that, sounds like he is gonna be made to eat his own words!
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