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Thread: Ben Rothwell vs Overeem slated for Fight Night 50

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagnumPI'sMoustache View Post
    This is basically a battle between Overeem's skills and Rothwell's chin. Alastair might be a brutal finisher but Ben is very hard to knock out. Overeem could be beating him black and blue for 14 minutes straight but it only takes one little (tiny) shot from Ben to land cleanly and Alastair is in trouble. Maybe Uber should concentrate on body shots...if you can't knock a man out just temporarily paralyse him with heavy liver shots. It's well within Alastair's capability.
    Overeem will handle Rothwell. Rothwell should just try and survive the first round.. then again Overeem may just go half speed and pace himself until the latter rounds before he turns it on. It's hard to say but this fight really has nothing huge to gain for Alistair, but everything to lose. He said he wants the JDS fight, but I think he needs 1 more top level opponent after Rothwell before he tries to take on Dos Santos. That fight potential has me drooling.. Just depends on what Overeem shows up.

    He pisses hot again and I'm done with him tho..I'd like to think he's got his head on straight and is making a run the right way and the natural way. He did just join Jackson MMA and got rid of the Blackzillian camp, I'm kinda excited at the possibilities for him with Team Jackson.
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    Definitely agree that Overeem should be able to beat Rothwell, and he should be able to beat him handily. That said, Alistair's chin is just not on par with other elite heavyweights e.g Junior, Travis, Cain and Fabricio. Granted every fighter I just named has either a K.O or T.K.O loss on there record, but at the same time I think it would be ridiculous to say any of them can't take a punch, but with Overeem, I'm not so sure.

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